Tuesday, June 20, 2006

drug dealers suck

a coworker sent out a mass emailing to a group of "ladies" asking them to support merck's newest warm-and-fuzzy campaign pushing awareness of (read: purchase of) their new, better-late-than-never HPV/cervical cancer vaccine. by clicking on a link, you can get a FREE BRACELET KIT! and for each one ordered, the great and powerful merck will donate ONE WHOLE DOLLAR to cancer research -- up to the $100,000 they have promised. ooh now that is a lot of money.

here is the link she circulated:

as advertised, it takes you "right to the merck website."

we could not control ourselves. there was clearly education to be delivered. merck's profits are off the charts. $100,000 is toilet paper to them. and this damn vaccine was an awful long time coming. clearly, it's more profitable to treat cancers than to prevent them, dontcha think?

see here for more grist.


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