Wednesday, November 09, 2005

intelligent design "for dummies?"

hi kids, today we have a new lesson in biology. (hu)man(kind) was created in god's image. who is god? well, we're glad you asked.

ok, so this is the direction we (all of U.S.) are headed in. the problem we (most of us) are having is whether this is a bad thing or not. kansas is leading the new charge.

and before we go any further, let us admit something right now: we believe in god.

wait a minute, now, before you freak out -- try to keep your mind open for a sec. what's so bad about talking about god? in today's world, maybe a little divine intervention would help. after all, who can deny that we aren't lost as a species, that we aren't missing meaning -- and what easier, quicker, more time-honored way to add meaning than to turn to god? ok, enough devil's advocating (hehe).

the problem that we can see is the perennial one: mandating god is like mandating love. it doesn't work. you try to make people believe in god or "accept god" or whatever, and what winds up happening is that those folks become militant and turn around and try to force their version of god onto everyone else. we know where this goes, because it makes the headlines every day: war, war that continues for years, war that shapes the world in warped ways. it's not a good thing. and it's not the way She would want it.

PS we almost forgot! the best thing is that kansas' state motto is: PER ASPERA AD ASTRA. kindred souls.


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