Tuesday, December 06, 2005

buon natale dorothy!

today is our grammie's 90th birthday. we are blessed to have this lady in our life for so very long, continuing to contribute her witchy wisdom, east-coast sarcasm, political pith, tough love, book recommendations, ready snacks, elegant carriage (even with her new addition of a red walker), resistance to conformity, connection to "her mother" (god), and all of the other wonderful things past and present (including delicious cream-and-pesto soaked pasta with potatoes and string beans -- sigh).

we're in santa rosa today, and even though the party was sunday night today will be a special day. three generations (us, our mom, and dorothy) will putter around this tony suburb, make a big deal of the birthday girl, and hold this moment in time up to the light like a piece of stained glass.


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