Friday, December 08, 2006

we and nietzsche

we knew something was wrong when our poor, tender eyeballs started to feel like they were popping right out -- and not symmetrically, mind you, but one at a time and randomly left or right. the coldness in our office seemed like a nice, simple thing to place the blame on. but of course, we did suspect maybe we were playing the baby diva a bit too richly.

until, that is, we remembered nietzsche -- and felt promptly vindicated (and just as promptly took a sick day). that poor, deluded man had many imaginary problems but also a few real ones including problems with the barometer. that is, when the barometer moved too fast, he suffered all manner of physical aches and pains.

this is not a hoax.

so far, the only remedy we can find today is hot rum (with some honey thrown in to make it seem more medicinal).


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