Sunday, December 11, 2005

no thing + some thing

we are far from expert on shakespeare and his works, but, as a writer and reader, remain fascinated by language and the ways that words can hold multiple meanings...

in particular, we were recently tickled to remember that the word "nothing" -- or phrase "no thing" -- was a quirky elizabethan way to refer to the relative lack between the ladies' legs. of course, the "thing" implied was/is the bounty in the boys' breeches...

gets us thinking about yin and yang, how interlocking parts are a sign of wisdom divine in design, and, of course, how no thing + some thing can = a really really good thing. uh huh.

it is hard to verify this little bit of trivia, and the goddess knows wiki is having a bad week, but here you go, for what it's worth.


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