Thursday, December 22, 2005

when two drives collided

01. jetsetter (morningwood/ single)
02. nth degree (morningwood/ single)
03. i feel love (the new deal/ gone gone gone)
04. hell yes (beck/ guero)
05. feels just like it should (jamiroquai/ dynamite)
06. shelter of your arms (the greenhornes/ east grand blues)
07. my doorbell (the white stripes/ get behind me satan)
08. don't blame yourself (the new deal/ gone gone gone)
09. love blind (jamiroquai/ dynamite)
10. ny girls (morningwood/ single)
11. a little while (the new deal/ gone gone gone)
12. assessment (beta band/ zeroes to heroes)
13. a little while longer (the new deal/ gone gone gone)

only the latest in heavy rotation for a playlist/soundtrack/mindscape that can only be beaten by the sound of heavy breathing alone or in tandem the message is in the music not just the words but the grooves and the way it all makes you want to move your hips lips hands elbows knees and ankles too. ooh.


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