Friday, January 13, 2006

friday 13=better day

we promised a unicorn chaser for yesterday's bleakness. and here it is:

  • today is friday the 13th AND a full moon (in capricorn, apparently). it's your day, Friday cat.
  • today is friday AND our VT sunday is coming. nuff said.
  • mystery leak solved -- and without any rude anal probing by the plumber man. he was kind and helpful and charged a very reasonable fee. (of course there are floor repairs yet to be made, but we will muscle in on that soon.)
  • the day started with a bang and, right on schedule, segued into breakfast at Carmen's (we would link to Carmen's here, but she doesn't have a web presence -- yet). we heart troy AND cuban eggs.
  • and while, of course, we don't give a damn about what anyone else thinks, it was a relief today that our boss did not rain down canage on us and instead actually gave a little stroke on the project submitted last week. no matter that we fretted and hand-wrang for 7 days, sitting in the dark and expecting a boot up the keister, we now know that the strategy was acceptable. oh joy. yes, we are being sarcastic and glad at the same time.


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