Tuesday, December 27, 2005

"the things we do for love"

ok, so it was cool to momentarily imagine ourselves a cyborg babe getting all modded up for some hot, endless romping.

but it was decidedly not cool to have the doc (nice as she was) grab hold of our cervix and jab not once, not twice, but three times deep into the holy of holies, the place where mystery happens and medical devices are just not supposed to fit.


so anyway, it's done now, and this tumbler of cold vanilla vodka is doing the trick to ease the cramping.

yeah, ok, we "thought of england" as we were doing our best not to somersault off the back edge of the short examination table, but honestly, we were a bit distracted -- and we (he) wouldn't want the memory of england's overly verdant landscapes to be associated with that kind of miserable, highly personal pain anyway.

the good news: it should be smooth sailing from here on. as long as the promise of increased monthly cramps, vastly boosted quantities of menstrual blood, and opportunities for random spotting don't turn us all off.

really, we're glad about this whole thing. now bring us another drink would you dahling?

and PS thanks to 10CC for a '70s tune that really said it all


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