Thursday, August 04, 2005

new drug

our doctor -- well she is not really a doctor, she is a psychiatric nurse practitioner "NPP" -- has given us some samples (hehe samples) of a new drug. called lexapro.

we find ourselves eager to do some web searching, find out what this one is about. but first, we really want to ask the little white pills, "are you a good drug -- or a bad drug?"

such a crapshoot. the ones that work well get toxic after a while, the ones that don't work usually have fewer annoying sideeffects.

but she said if this one is no good, we can always go back to our current love, zoloft. the z is just fine, except for the fact that it completely erases our sex drive. oh, and our suspicion (always met with sympathetic looks) that it's rotting our liver.

so lexapro it is. the package is very cute. there is a little gender-neutral and faceless person with arms outstretched rising in a sort of ghosty or phoenix-from-the-flames way from a strange spiral shape. cool.

off we go.


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