Friday, December 23, 2005

we wove willy

we haven't told anyone this in a very long time, but the first crush we ever had -- and it was a seriously sexual one, albeit when we were still thoroughly innocent -- was on gene wilder when he portrayed willy wonka in "willy wonka and the chocolate factory." first movie we ever saw in a theater (ok, the year was 1971).

something about that crazy curly hair (which could only represent a deeply convoluted mind); a set of sensuous, sugar-eating lips; a fascinating ability to play with words; and his penchant for purple and velvet really did the trick for our four-year-old sensuality. that is all in addition to the extravagant candy, a lineup of excellently moving tin-pan-alley songs, and the built-up mystery and sexy danger implied in exploring his supremely private "factory." hmm.

"there is no life i know
to compare with pure imagination.
living there you'll be free --
if you truly wish to be."


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